Drone Pricing for Aerials and Videos 
                    $22.50 per still image, no editing.
                    $40/minute Drone video, no text/music

Post-Processing Edits

   $60/hr editing images or video, text/music if desired

Ground Photography/Videography
                   $12/image Digital camera image for add-on services
                   $25/minute - Drone Videography with editing Videos     
                   in high resolution mp4/mov file.

360 Virtual Tours

      Bronze Virtual 360 tour        1 - 5 Rooms $130
      Silver Virtual 360 tour          6 - 10 Rooms $230                  
      Gold Virtual 360 tour  10 + Rooms $140/hr 
      with a minimum of 2 hours charged
      *$60/hr for Editing with Hotspots

Roofing Photography/Videography

      Roofing Photography    .15/Sq Ft of Home/Building size.
      Roofing Videography.    $25/min of Video with no editing.

** La Droneman will not attempt to photograph or video any roofing 
shingles/structures that are covered by: tree limbs, powerlines, or debris 
obstructing the camera view.  Any areas of obstructed camera views 
will be notated by Drone Pilot and shall not in any way reduce the price 
charged for services.

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